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G’Day and Welcome!

Thanks for dropping and visiting my personal site. Yes my name is Tim Buchalka and I have a blog with my name. How cool is that. Yeah I know you would be more impressed if my name was John Smith and I had that domain name. Buchalka is not a very common surname (Polish in case you were wondering, but I digress).

What will you find on this blog? Well mainly stuff that I find interesting such as the computer/mobile games field which I have a big interest in, both in playing and writing. Now before you start, until recently, the last game I actually wrote was in about 1982 and was for the Commodore 64. Since then I’ve drifted away from the field, but keep coming back to it.

Speaking of coming back to it, in September 2012 I did that big time. Along with my brother Anthony (a partner in the Internet marketing business since 2008) we formed Funky Squid Games and have since published three games on both IOS and Android.

Speaking of Android, I just published a massive android video course on Udemy. Take a read about it, and let me know what you think.

Getting back to the games, Man what a blast. Unfortunately they failed to make much money,but where a great learning experience which has helped me push forward.

Since I am the one with the huge passion for games, I am still pushing forward and have just setup two new websites (actually three if you keep reading below).

I just released a new reskinning games course. Click the image below and take a look at it and let me know what you think! I am furiously working away at my second course, I love this stuff!

My new reskinning games udemy course!

You can also check out my reskinning apps blog if you wish.

This is the art of buying game source code, turning that into a new game by swapping out the in game graphics, sounds and music. It really amazes me that there is a ton of source code (the logic that makes the game work) available to purchase very inexpensively.

Secondly, I am now open for bookings. If you need some mobile game development work done, please check out my corporate site. I can help with project management, programming, and optimization and monetization – two of the most important facets to apps.

So there where the geek in me is headed. Man I love games, I admit it. Is there anything better than making a computer game? I am not sure there is!

But enough ranting about tech, now to the “non gamer” news.

Since May 2013 I have been following a new eating lifestyle to gain health and lose weight (as opposed to losing health and gaining weight!).

Note: October 2014 update – not 100% succeeding with this, the lure of junk food is strong, I must resist!!!

It’s called a Ketogenic diet and basically means low carb. I’ve extensively researched this and you would not believe the amount of mis-information I found out there about this diets and diets in general.

For example did you know the low fat diet is basically bogus? It has pretty well been debunked as good eating lifestyle and can actually make you sick. Of course I don’t just expect you to believe me, but I am citing evidence of this in my posts, so check out my Keto Diet posts for more information.

In fact being the type of person I am, I’ve put together an entire website about the keto diet. So check it out if you are that way inclined.

Getting back to mis-information. Here is another big one. Despite everyone “knowing” that saturated fat causes heart disease (right?), the FACTS are that there is ZERO evidence that this is true. Turns out science got it wrong.

Yes, despite everyone knowing this to be a “fact” there is NO PUBLISHED SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that actually support this!

Pretty shocking if you think about it.

Anyway if you have any interest in losing weight and/or gaining health, be sure to check out my posts.

For the first 57 days of my keto diet I posted a daily video and made it into a podcast (Look Mum I am famous!). I got sick of doing videos after 8 weeks straight (can you blame me?) and am now doing daily ones. Still, you can grab the video and audio for each and every one to the right of this post.

Here is my progress to date. I am happy with what I have achieved! Onwards to victory!

Thanks for dropping by, I’ll try not to bore you too much with my writing. Check out the categories to the right hand side if you want to focus on something specific.