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Day 50 – Is The Only Weight You Loss On Keto Water Loss ? Podcast

Hi Tim here with my day 50 ketogenic diet update. Weight loss and myth busting time today. I am down .1Kg (2/10’s of one pound) today. That brings my total weight loss to 10.1 Kg (22 3/10’s of a pound) since I started. The myth to bust today is about water loss, and specifically that […]

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Day 38 Keto Diet Update – Cannot Eat Lots Anymore! Podcast

Hi and welcome to day 38. Since yesterdays weight in I am down .2Kg (about 4/10’s of a pound) bringing my total weight loss to 7.9Kg (17 and 4/10’s of a pound). In todays video I talk about my new podcast on iTunes. See here. https://itunes.apple.com/ph/podcast/tims-keto-diet-video-podcast/id656084954 There is also an audio only version if you […]

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