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Thanks for visiting this page. Here you will find a list of my published and upcoming courses. Over 51,000 students are enrolled and benefiting from my various courses! Take a look at courses below.

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Join over 18,500 students who are enrolled in one or more of my courses!  Some example reviews for each course appear below.  Click through to a course to read all reviews.

Master Android 6.0 Marshmallow Apps Development Using Java

Learn to develop Android apps in Java fast, with this course.

You will obtain the skills to build progressively more complex Apps using Android Marshmallow: you will start off by building basic apps, and progress to more complex apps showcasing the more advanced features of Android.

Here are the apps you will build from scratch in this course. All of these are designed to teach you Android development from scratch and get more and more complex as you work your way through the course, as we start using more advanced Android concepts in the apps being build.

A basic “hello” app, then a button click app.

A “top 10” downloader apps that downloads and parses information from apples servers regarding their up to date 10 ten lists of apps and songs from iTunes.

A youtube player to show how to play Youtube videos and playlists in your own app. And how to add your own custom code in certain places (when an ad plays, when the video starts, when the video pauses, etc).

We then move on to a Calculator app where you learn to put together a calculator and add common calculator functionality.

The Flickr app is next where you will learn how to use a popular image sharing site and how to search and retrieve a list of images by a custom search term and display them in a list and then in a separate enlarged window.

Moving on, we will develop an app that accesses the built in Android Contacts using the new Marshmallow permissions functionality.

Then we will create our own Friends app to maintain our own database of friends in a database.

The Personal notes app is next where you will build a complete personal notes application, including notification scheduler/alarm, notes capability and the use of the camera or photo gallery to add an optional picture, and then saving of the picture to the local device, Google Drive, or Dropbox.


By taking this Course Tim facilitated the learning curve for me in order to understand and master the fundamentals of the Android Java programming language. The lectures were presented in a very organized fashion. I would definitely take another course from Tim and I highly recommend this course to anyone considering taking it.
Dale Stewart
This course is one of the best I’ve seen on Android that this site has to offer. Tim does an excellent job of going through the code in real time. Other courses I’ve seen will show entering certain lines of code, but to get the full app, you have to download their source files or projects and then try to get them to build successfully. In this course, Tim talks you through the code as he types it all in, so at the end of a lecture you have the same code as he does. If for some reason you don’t he provides the sources from each lecture you can compare against. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Android, and the most current production API Lollipop. Thanks Tim for such a wonderful course, that is continuing to evolve.
James Campanella
Tim is one of the best teachers I have ever met he answers all of our questions within 24 hours even if it a very newbie question which he has already explained in the lecture he will be happy to answer you he covers nearly all what you need for android even if you are a beginner you can learn every thing from here (you will have difficulties of course if you have never coded before but with hard work every one can learn) the only thing missing here is how to think as a programmer which no course can teach you if you don’t TRY to think so don’t blame the guy if you got lost (specially in the java tut 1-2-3 ) since you need to think as a programmer here so to complete beginners with 0 coding experience … take this course Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners by John Purcell then you will move in this course so easy 🙂 if you now how to code a little bit no need for the java course just go ahead with Tim and he will lead you there 🙂 5 stars for u Tim.. a very big fan of u here 🙂
Besher Aytouny

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The Complete Java Developer Course

Frustrated trying to learn how to program?

My name is Tim Buchalka and I’d like to ask you to come with me on a journey as I take you from a beginner to an experienced Java developer!

Over 33,000 students are already enrolled in my other programming courses and have left hundreds of five star reviews.


Because I’ve taught them how to program successfully and made learning fun at the same time.

shot0003 shot0004

Now its your turn! Are you ready to learn how to program?

This course assumes no previous experience, and takes you from the absolute beginner concepts like showing you the tools you need to download and install, writing you very first Java program, and then goes into more detail as we explore the entire Java feature set.

All the basic Java keywords, operators, statements, and expressions are explained in great detail, together with complete chapters on object oriented programming and the Java API.

You learn to develop powerful Java applications using one of the most powerful Integrated Development Environments on the market, IntelliJ IDEA!

Read all the 5 star reviews other students have left about this course!


Tim is a Jedi Master of Java I have never seen an educator expend so much effort to make sure that his course materials are current and comprehensive. You will finish this course with a working fundamental knowledge of Java without question and you can rest assured that no matter what you paid, you will have gotten your money’s worth! As Java continues to evolve, you can almost be guaranteed that Tim will keep the course updated to the latest revisions. So, if you come back for a refresher in a year, it will probably be an all-new course.
Cliff Chism
Phenomenal Teaching This course is not for the Lazy – Simply put if you want to learn perform the exercises. I appreciate how Tim uses every opportunity that he can to teach you even something valuable within his lessons. I am a firm believer when it comes to making mistakes you learn more in the sense of programming/life/job etc. If you are following Tim closely he purposefully allows you to make mistakes along with him so that you would know exactly why you would NOT do something and then following more so he resolves it with you. Tim is very clear very concise when speaking. When he talks I listen – simply put. Sometimes Instructors/Teachers can ramble but students probably won’t hear/listen to 80% of the talk coming out of the teachers mouth unless they are trying very hard to keep their eyes open. Tim does not Ramble. Tim has engaged me every step of the way. Thanks Tim for your hard work. Its not easy developing a way to teach thousands on different platforms. I already plan to go onto Tim,s next course Android Lollipop
Aneas Wiley
I’ve just started with this course, I’m in college and this has helped me a lot so far, this guy is crazy… he just keeps on adding free stuff to the course and updating as soon as Google releases updates, I recommend this to everyone trying to learn how to become a developer from scratch, and also for people that have been self taught from youtube and so… this will help you get all those little things that most youtube or web tuts do not show
Kevin De Cicco

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Python Made Easy – The Complete Python Developer Course


My name is Tim Buchalka, and along with my co-instructor Jean-Paul Roberts, we would like to ask you to come with us on a journey as we take you from a beginner to an experienced Python software developer.

Collectively we have over 60 years of software development and teaching experience.

Tim has over 34,000 students in his other courses and literally hundreds of five star reviews.

Now it’s your turn to learn Python! Are you ready to learn how to program?

This course assumes no previous experience, and takes you from the absolute beginner concepts like showing you the tools you need to download and install, writing your very first Python program, and then goes into more detail as we explore the entire Python feature set.

shot0001 shot0002

All the basic Python keywords, operators, statements, and expressions are explained in great detail, together with complete chapters on object oriented programming and the Python API.

You learn to develop powerful Python applications using one of the most powerful Integrated Development Environments on the market, IntelliJ IDEA!

Read all the 5 star reviews other students have left about this course!

Now don’t worry if none of that made any sense. Because, we go into great detail explaining each and every core concept, programming terms, and buzzwords.

By the end of this course you will have a mastery of programming in Python no matter what level of experience you are at right now.

Be sure to click the free preview button on this page if you want to get a taste of the quality of the training.

Our goal is not just to show you how to program, but to help you understand what you are doing, and why you are doing it as well!

Not only do the videos show you how to become a programmer in great detail, but this course has a unique challenge feature included.

Each time a core concept is taught, a video presents a challenge for you that is designed to help you really understand what you have just learned.

You will go away and complete the challenge, and then come back and see the challenge answered and explained in detail in the video, allowing you to check your results!

This is a fantastic way to really help you understand Python faster and ensure you will reach your goal of becoming a Python Developer in record time.


Tim’s courses are spectacular. Every nook and cranny of a language or topic will be covered and Tim and Co. are always present to answer doubts questions, even seemingly silly ones. Tim’s contents are rich and he continually adds topics to his courses !!! One day I will visit the “Down Under” and have a cold beer with this GREAT man ! Thank you and please make more courses and add more content !
Nader S
Best Course out there 5/5 Im not even half way through this course, but Im going to go ahead and leave a 5 star review just from what I have seen so far. As always, Tim’s courses are amazing and very comprehensive. I have probably learned more from him(and his other helpers) than anyone else. so unless you something other than 5 starts on my review, I am still loving this course!
Braulio Bucio
Great Course I have taken other courses by Tim and they have all been great. I have just started this one and so far it has been great. Easy to follow and to the point. I would recommend this course if you are interested in learning Python!!
Marc Frappier

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Play Framework development with Java. Program Java web apps

The Play Framework is quite literally taking the world by storm, and this course is designed to teach you how to get the most out of it using Java.

Traditionally Java has offered an extremely powerful web developers environment. However, learning Java web development has been very difficult, due to its very complicated design and the complexities of the Java enterprise software.

The Play framework on the other hand, is designed with developers productivity first and foremost, and offers an extremely rapid development environment for the development of web applications, similar to other web frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Django.


Whilst those other environments are great for getting applications developed quickly, they often run into problems with scalability and speed.

They are usually unsuitable if speed and scalability is important to you. And in 2015 thats two of the most important features of any web application!

The combination of Java and the Play Framework is the ideal combination to give fast development timeframes, but also to give great code speed execution and almost unrestricted scalability potential.


With Java and the Play Framework you can have your cake and eat it too!

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Play framework, help you to understand the architecture under the hood, and then help you create you own Play web apps.

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Publish An Android Game App – Includes Free Game Source Code


How would you like to learn everything about publishing your own mobile game app in just 5 hours?

The fact is, mobile games are an incredibly exciting industry to be a part of, earning app publishers billions of dollars a year in revenue.

However the technology that you need to understand in order to publish apps can be complex and intimidating to people just starting out.


Online tutorials and courses often gloss over the steps that are required, and/or assume a certain level of knowledge, or are just plan confusing and use jargon that is difficult for the layperson to understand.

When I was starting out, I struggled with the concepts, and I have personally published over 500 games for myself and clients in the past, and has been a software developer, game developer and designer for over 30 years!

If it was difficult for me, I knew it would be harder still for people not “in the industry” so I set about creating a course to make it incredibly easy for anyone to publish their own game in the app store.

The good news, as you will see when you start the course, is that the skills required for publishing apps are learnable skills that can be understood by just about anyone, and this course was created to help people with no previous experience, successfully publish their own game!


I have been interested in reskinning apps for a number of months now, but I wasn’t sure where to begin as far as the technical side goes. This course covered absolutely everything needed to reskin an app all on my own! I even went out on a limb and created my own graphics! James and Tim gave specific examples every step of the way, so it was easy to follow along and make the necessary changes. Thank you both for all of your time and effort spent helping people like me learn how to reskin an app! I couldn’t have done it without this course!
Deana Lisenby
Thanks Tim and James, would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to reskin, upload and publish an Android game. Very professional, with clear and easy to understand video’s. Was also impressed with the quick responses to all our questions. This is definitely one of the best courses out there. Our teenage son, with a little help from myself has now created his first reskin game, which he has just uploaded to the google play store. Thanks again Tim and James, keep up the good work.
Terry Blyth
The instructors give you the code and step by step instructions on how to obtain graphics and sounds to reskin your game. Note that if you are not an artist, this may cost you about $100. The only downsides I can think of is that I would have also liked an iOS version, and there is no section on marketing (though the instructor does have information on this in another course, where I am also enrolled). Great value and I have now published an app! Hurray 🙂
Dan Avram

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Make Games For App Stores Without Programming By Reskinning!


Not so long ago, you needed a team of programmers and artists, a large budget and six months or more to develop a mobile game for iOS and Android.

I know this from first hand experience. As a programmer myself, I put together a team of six artists and developer, and worked for six months from inception to upload.

Six months of salaries, headaches, and hard work ended up with my first iOS game Syncroz (now on Android as well).

Despite the game being generally well received, I lost money, overall by the time I paid all the staff, and of course six months is a long time! It was a hard lesson, but I knew there had to be a better way.

If only I knew then, what I know today!

Game reskins are the best way for a beginner to get started in the app publishing business! I don’t think there is a better opportunity anywhere else right now.


Reskining games, you say?

What is reskinning I hear you ask ?

Reskinning is the process of swapping out the graphics and sounds from an existing game, and re-publishing it, optionally targeting a new demographic of player.

I know at first glance that sounds strange, and you might be wondering, is that legal and even if it is, whats the point?

Yes, its totally legal and ethical and by targeting a new demographic of player, you can introduce the game to a totally new audience. And I explain how to do all of this and loads more in the course.


I started weeks ago with the free course about reskinning . I thought, it was very interesting the way it is explained by Tim. I continued with the his other courses about apps for beginners and I definitly know more about this business. Tim is a very good teacher who goes deep into the subject with concrete examples in order to give the right tools for his students. Thanks to him!
Paulette Ngo Itjibi
This course is packed with useful information and very clear, thorough explanations of every aspect of app reskinning. It also includes many good tips that will enhance your app reskinning experience.
Robert Thompson
This course provided me with answers to several questions that I had regarding getting into the mobile app development business. I have completed each lecture available at this time. I didn’t think about reskinning before, but after taking this course, I am thinking about it. This course tells you the steps from getting started to making the app available for download. Tim shares resources to help along the way, too. It has been well worth my time and money investment. Tim has this course well planned, organized and he is very easy to understand. The quality of the video and sound are excellent and Tim’s experience shines through. I have registered for Tim’s Android Lollipop: Complete Development Course and am looking forward to learning more from Tim. Keep the courses coming!
Colleen B

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Tim Buchalka

I am an Android app and games developer, and teacher with 30 years of development experience! And I reveal all my knowledge and secrets in my courses! I spent years as a contract software developer working for government departments, and large prestigious companies like Saab, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu (to name just a few) in a developer/team lead developer capacity. I am skilled in many development languages including Java, C++, C#, and Objective-C to name a few. For the past 10 years I have been self employed, and now focus exclusively on teaching others how to develop apps for an Android platform and other related technologies (like Java for instance). Over 53,000 students have taken my courses and loved them. Click here to view Tim Buchalka’s courses (current and coming soon ones).

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