Day 24 – China Study Debunked? Bad For Vegans? Podcast

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Tim here with my day 24 update. Weight remained the same today, still at a total weight loss of 5.8Kg (12 2/10’s of a pound).

In todays video I explore the China Study, a study and subsequent book released by Dr T Colin Campbell based on a large nutrition study.

I discuss some information that debunks this study to a degree, but I also make the point I am not necessarily against Vegan, but my points are:)

1) Keto shares characteristics of the China Study like lots of vegetables are good and high carbs from non “natural” e.g. man made foods are bad.

2) Grouping all animal products as being bad is a little naive.

3) The studies when peer reviewed show NO relationship to the diseases they claim.

Watch this short video which does a good job of showing the basics of the problem.…

Bottom line: The China Study is anti low-carb but fails to provide the scientific evidence of why.

I am not ANTI VEGAN, but it seems The China Study is very much Anti Low Carbs. Lets agree to disagree 🙂

Theory is NOT fact.

For historical evidence of this, refer to Ancel Keys who in the 1950’s told us high fat intake was the cause of heart disease.

He did this by manipulating the statistics and omitting data from countries that did not “confirm” his data.

Please make sure you take the time to do your own research on this before assuming someone is correct irrespective of their “standings” in the community, or how passionate they may be.

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