My New Complete Java Developer Course is live!

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Wan’t Java?  I am happy to announce that my new Java course is live!


The course is aimed at people who have never programmed before, or people wanting to learn/brush up their skills with Java.

Already getting some great reviews from people like John who had this to say.

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I have aimed to make this the most comprehensive course on Java available today and just like my Android course (now with over 20,000 students!) I will keep this new Java course constantly updated and will add new content often.

The course has videos for Windows, Mac and Linux users and teaches using the awesome IntelliJ IDE, the best Java code editor out there.

In addition, I walk you through the process of getting the Java Development kit (JDK) and IntelliJ installed on your computer, and then start teaching you how to program in Java.

Whats most many of my videos have challenges for you.  This is where I will teach you a particular concept about Java, showing you how to do something, and then set a challenge for you to complete (in the video).  You then pause the video, and try the challenge and come back and un-pause the video and watch me complete the challenge.

This is a great way to build your knowledge fast, and its included in this course!

If you have ever wanted to learn Java, this is the course for you!

Enroll today and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!




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Tim Buchalka

I am an Android app and games developer, and teacher with 30 years of development experience! And I reveal all my knowledge and secrets in my courses! I spent years as a contract software developer working for government departments, and large prestigious companies like Saab, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu (to name just a few) in a developer/team lead developer capacity. I am skilled in many development languages including Java, C++, C#, and Objective-C to name a few. For the past 10 years I have been self employed, and now focus exclusively on teaching others how to develop apps for an Android platform and other related technologies (like Java for instance). Over 53,000 students have taken my courses and loved them. Click here to view Tim Buchalka’s courses (current and coming soon ones).

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