Amazing Selling Machine Review – My Personal Take

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The Amazing Selling MachineThis is a brand new product developed and managed by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback that launches on October 3 @ 1PM EST.

The following is my review of the

Amazing Selling Machine.

Updated for October 2013.


eCommerce is set to be a $1.2 TRILLION dollar industry in 2013 and Amazon alone earned $61 BILLION in revenue in 2012.

But what most people don’t know is that 41% of Amazon’s revenue was driven by products THEY DON’T SELL but are sold by other individuals using Amazon’s infrastructure and web site.

There are over 30,000 product categories on Amazon and millions of products. There is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY here. Arguably the biggest and best the IM (internet marketing) and ecommerce market has seen in many, many years.

Amazon handles everything… payments, support, shipping & fulfillment, returns, inventory management and more.

Who Are The Product Developers and Owners?

Matt & Jason (and their students) are just a couple of the THOUSANDS of Amazon Sellers that make up this 41% of Amazon’s revenue.

Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback are both well known to the internet marketing community and are well respected.

Matt has been selling on Amazon for the last 3 years and in the last 12 months in particular, his results have been astounding and the results are verified!

Jason is a relative newbie to Amazon BUT has reached spectacular success in just 4 months.

These 2 guys are currently generating over $100,000 a month PROFIT each right now and know what they are talking about.

These figures have been verified! No B.S.

If you prefer, here is a video review of the product.

But wait, there is more. Anthony and myself and a heap of students have personally implemented their system and are doing very well, thank you very much on Amazon.

Thats right, Anthony and myself have followed the step by step system and have our own products on Amazon. No, we are not billionaires yet, but the money is coming in each day and our business is growing.

What Does The “Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit” include?

The ASM includes these 4 main components:

* An 8-Week Web Class
* Software Tools
* An Exclusive Community Membership
* A live Hands-On Workshop, and much more!

Here’s a breakdown of each component.

1. 8-Week Web Class that starts on March 21st.

This 8-week, 8-module class will teach people everything from A-To-Z that they need to know to get setup and to build this business selling real products on Amazon.

This will work for people in the USA or outside the USA. And people can start very small without a huge investment in inventory to test product ideas and then easily ramp up and SCALE to make things grow — that’s the beauty of leveraging Amazon’s infrastructure.

Users DON’T need a Web site, merchant account, blog, a list, or anything else. Everything to do with this business runs inside Amazon’s site and infrastructure. Amazon will send payment (electronically or via check) every 14 days. This isn’t their affiliate program where it takes months to get paid.

No other online business model has the potential to generate $1,000+ PER DAY in sales within AS LITTLE AS 7 DAYS depending on how long it takes to get a supplier to send product to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

The course can show users how to get a top ranking for a buying keyword on Amazon in as little as 7 days.

The process is not overly hard or technical when you know the right steps which you are shown in this training.

I see this training module as being one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of the system. It’s by learning from Matt & Jason, who are already well established and successful on Amazon, that you will have a high likelihood of reaching success.

Ready to buy? Click to watch

Jason and Matts awesome video right now


2. Software Tool Suite

This is a suite of 6 software tools that help manage and scale this business.

These tools help get top rankings, help with the automation of communicating with buyers, track product listing rankings within Amazon so they can easily see their progress and monitor their improvements, and much more.

These are the SAME TOOLS Matt and Jason use everyday to grow and scale their own businesses. They’ve invested over $175,000 developing these proprietary tools.

The tools are fully hosted on scalable servers which is great!

Customers will get unlimited access to these tools for at least 2 years. After that time there might be a small maintenance fee as there is some real cost to providing them; including live staff that help moderate the use of the tools.

The tools have been improved since the March 2013 launch of ASM and will greatly to help ensure your success by improving your product rankings and workflows (massive time saving).

3. Lifetime Membership To Exclusive Community

Matt & Jason are building a powerful, private community for people building this fantastic business. It will be a great
place to network, share knowledge, and even find people to do deals with.

They are even doing something very unique by adding an element of “gamification” to the community where members will earn little ‘badges’ that will display with their profile based on their accomplishments – from locating a supplier to earning their first sale to even revenue accomplishments like joining the “$10K/month” revenue club up to the top award for anyone that ever breaks $250K/month in revenue.

No one has done anything like this in the IM market before. A real focus on helping people take action, get results, and have fun doing it.

Matt & Jason are going to foster and grow this supportive community of people involved in selling real products on Amazon.

The membership to that community alone is GOLD as you will be able to work alongside others, get your questions answered etc.

This along with the 8 module training is what I see as the MOST IMPORTANT 2 components.

3-Day Hands-On Workshop In Austin, TX in January 2014

I love this.

This “Builder’s Kit” offer also includes a 3-Day live event in Austin that will take place in January.

This will be a hands-on Workshop to help people further grow this business, hear from others doing it, and to learn more about all the opportunities (including suppliers overseas), see live listing boosting tricks, and much more.

This will be a life-changing event for many people – we will probably be there..

* Any customer that can’t attend in person will be able to watch a live streaming of the event AND receive recordings.

I see this product as a REAL BUSINESS you can build and not some fly-by-night, scammy rubbish like I regularly see.


This offer is over $40,000 in value according to Matt & Clarke and is $3,497 as an upfront payment or 4 payments of $997.

The one payment option will save you $491.

I am confident to say the $3497 price tag is a genuine excellent price. It’s easily worth 4 or 5 times that!

There is a payment plan option and I know that some people are teaming up with a partner to split the costs of this excellent investment between them.

The cart will remain open for 7 days maximum, but will close earlier when their quota is reached (which it will be).

It will officially close on October 11th at midnight (EST).

Our Verdict

This is a truly a fantastic business model with REAL PROOF that the owners have quickly built businesses that pull in over $100K/month in PROFIT.

No website required! No merchant accounts required! No web traffic required! Sound to good to be true? That was my first thought but this is really legit and leverages the power of a $60B company and their website. How cool is that.

I don’t see this type of product come along very often. In fact I’ll go out and say I have NEVER seen a product with the staggering potential to ramp up and make substantial income.

It’s thrilling to be sharing what I believe is the biggest and most exciting opportunity for anyone still struggling to earn the income they desire online.

ASM is an excellent product and I stand firmly behind it and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to you.

How To Find Out All The Details & Get Your Copy

You can find out all the details or purchase the



What about our bonuses?

Yes, we have some seriously cool bonuses we are offering for people buying on our link.


Anthony and myself have put together an incredible set of bonuses for you, if you are prepared to take action and join us.

See the details of these bonuses further down the page, but do not forget the biggie – We will be sharing our personal experiences of what we are doing on Amazon, not to mention providing you with some killer information.

Don’t be fooled by most of the other “bonuses” offered out there.  

Often they are old and contain outdated information, or information developed by people who are not actually selling their own products on Amazon! Again, we are actually selling products ourselves on Amazon and will be talking more about that one on one and in the facebook group.

If the person giving away the bonus is not using the system themselves to build a business on Amazon, can they truly be trusted to be acting in your own interests? Or are they just trying to tell you what you want to hear in order to make a few bucks?

As you can see, for us to offer such an incredible set of bonuses we must truly believe in it and what it can do for you. Are you prepared to sign up for the journey and work along side us? We look forward to working with you and seeing you finally build that successful online business.

* Our Bonus 1: eBook Report – How to Best Ensure Your Success With ASM

This is a brand new ebook that I am putting the finishing touches on, based on our personal experience following this system.   It includes some very important information we believe will take your results to the next level.

The ebook is 300+ pages long and has been written with this system in mind.  The eBook is “hot off the presses”.

* Our Bonus 2: One Hour Coaching call, Personal Plan, Niche and Product Evaluation.

We think Matt and Jason do an excellent job covering the product evaluation, etc.  In fact one of the big things they talk about is how its not about finding a product, rather its about finding an opportunity.

Here we work with you, one on one to ensure you are totally on track and to maximize the chance of your first product being a big hit on Amazon.

* Our Bonus 3: Access to our own Private ASM Facebook group.

This is a real and vibrant group where everyone in it is committed to succeeding on Amazon.  We all share similar goals.  In this group is where the magic happens and we take your results into overdrive.

It’s also your chance to get the questions you need to ask answered. Remember this is not general ASM support – those guys do an excellent job of that, this is that extra material that no one is talking about to help take your results to the next level.


All you need to do is after investing in the ASM using our link is send a copy of your receipt to our help desk and claim your bonuses.




P.S. This link is an affiliate link and I will earn a commission if you use it to purchase this product. Rest assured you will be making an excellent investment as this is the best product I have seen in the last 5 or 6 years.

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