G’Day and Welcome!

Thanks for dropping and visiting my personal site. Yes my name is Tim Buchalka and I have a blog with my name. How cool is that. Yeah I know you would be more impressed if my name was John Smith and I had that domain name). Buchalka is not a very common surname (Polish in case you were wondering, but I digress).

My focus full time is on teaching Android app development and programming languages. I have over 48,000 students on Udemy (as of January 2016), the main platform where I post my courses, and thousands more on a select number of other websites.

In the past I’ve posted only periodically on this blog, but in 2016 thats all set to change. Expect a new blog post at least weekly on topics relating to my courses. Android app development, Java, Python and a new course I am working on that involves C# (more on that in mid February 2016 when the course is done!).

A little bit of self promotion here, but I was voted as an outstanding udemy instructor by my students in late December 2015. Feeling pretty good to be voted into a list of top ten instructors out of a total of 18,000 instructors on the platform!

Need a question answered? Leave me a message or post a comment on blog post and I’ll aim to cover the answer in a future blog post.

To find out more about my courses, take a look at my Courses page.

What else will you find on this blog?

Well I also love games programming (and playing video games).

In 2013 I did the game design and some programming for Syncroz which is a game for iOS and Android. I loved that. I still tinker, but my real love is teaching.

I have a blog about reskinning apps specifically relating to games if that interests you, but I dont post there much any more.

Reskinning is the art of buying game source code, turning that into a new game by swapping out the in game graphics, sounds and music. It really amazes me that there is a ton of source code (the logic that makes the game work) available to purchase very inexpensively.

So thats where the geek in me is headed. Man I love teaching app development and programming languages, as well as tinkering with games, I admit it!

But enough ranting about tech, now to the “non gamer” news.

I’ve been overweight most of my adult life. Mostly due to junk food, but since October 2015 I have been on a weight loss mission and am down about 12Kgs and I intend for it to stay off.

Prior to this I’ve tried out a Ketogenic diet (you can find info about this on the blog) and even a juice fast.

Anyway, I dont blog much about weight loss as most people find it boring, but figured I would mention it here.

Thanks for dropping by, I’ll try not to bore you too much with my writing. Check out the categories to the left hand side.