Monthly Archives: June 2013

Day 24 – China Study Debunked? Bad For Vegans? Podcast

Hi, Tim here with my day 24 update. Weight remained the same today, still at a total weight loss of 5.8Kg (12 2/10’s of a pound). In todays video I explore the China Study, a study and subsequent book released by Dr T Colin Campbell based on a large nutrition study. I discuss some information […]

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Day 20 – Intermittent Fasting And Cauliflower Mash Podcast

Hi, Tim here with my day 20 update. My weight was reduced by .1Kg (about 2/10’s of a pound) since yesterdays weigh in, bringing my total weight loss to 5.9Kg (13 pounds). In todays video I talk about Intermittent Fasting (IM) and also cauliflower mash, which is a nice “potato mash” substitute for keto/low carb […]

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