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Day 9 – Post Induction Stall Syndrome? Podcast


Hi everyone,

Today is day 9 of me starting the keto diet. I lost .2 Kg (about 1/2 a pound) bringing my total weight release to 3.7 Kgs (8 1/4 pounds) since I started.

In todays video I talk about my weight loss, exercise, and the 3 phases of keto that pretty much everyone goes through.

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This is Tim Buchalka's personal blog, currently he is focusing on his health and has embarked on a long term weight loss plan (or weight release as he like to refer to it as).

He is following a Ketogenic diet, and you can keep up to date with his progress on this blog, or on youtube, or by subscribing to his iTunes Podcast. Links to these services are on this page.

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